Our Method

Discover Specific Chiropractic is the only treatment center in the Low Country using the Tytron Computer infrared scanner. The Tytron scanner enables both you and the doctor to immediately identify areas of stress. The doctor uses the hand held scanner to gently glide down your spine while you are sitting and looking at the computer screen. The result of the scan immediately appears on the screen and presents you with a visual picture of the areas out of alignment…it is laymen friendly.

As the diagnosis evolves, an in-depth evaluation with X-rays may be necessary. The doctors will share the findings and remedies with you. The doctors may also prescribe positive exercises for healing and injury prevention.

The DSC method of adjustments administered by the doctors is a very comfortable and pleasant non-forceful procedure. There is no twisting of the neck or back and no popping sounds. In fact, the advantage of the DSC method is that it actually reduces the amount of trauma to the patient.

After the adjustment, the patient is escorted to a horizontal resting room to ensure a smooth transition back to regular activities. Soft lighting and relaxing music rounds out this pleasant experience.