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"I know each case is different and I know in my case I'm so happy I chose Specific Chiropractic for my non surgical care." - Deborah D.

" I feel like my body is cooperating a lot better than it ever has before, and I owe it all to you at Discover." - Karen

"Now, I am able to walk without a walker and mostly without a cane." - K. C.

"Yes, I was skeptical, I thought right another chiropractor who thinks he is great. But, I was wrong, you are great." - Teri O.

"I have felt so much better since I've been coming here. My neck has always been my main challenge and now I notice I have much improved posture..." - Jennifer C.

"...the migraines I've had for over fifteen years with such regularity that Tylenol and Imitrex were my constant companions, were not happening!!" - Maya W.

"Your magic hands are only part of the cure. Much of it comes from your wonderful smile and concern for each patient. We are fortunate to have found you." - Bill & Meg W., Phil B.

"Simply stated, I think I am living proof of the value and benefits of implementing and staying with you care and wellness program." - Ken R.

"You are a blessing. And I'll tell anyone who will listen about you and your profession." - Pat K.

"The treatments are pain free and the staff is always genuinely concerned with my progress. I would highly recommend Discover Specific Chiropractic to everyone..." - David C.

"It is the quality care that I received from Discover Specific Chiropractic that motivates me to recommend my clients for their health needs." - Josh I.

"Thank you so much for not only improving my migraine headaches and back pain and my husband's carpal tunnel, but mostly for eliminating Emily's constant ear problems!" - Keri F.

"Doctor Ken evaluated me and developed a program for my specific problems. Amazing as it may seem, when I left the office after the first adjustment I was totally pain free." - David M.

"I know that my son is normal and healthy today because Dr. Ken released that locked hip. ...going to physical therapy to catch up to his age group, and there is no sign of cerebral palsy." - Rheny H.

"...I feel so much better off. I still have bad days, but nothing like it used to be. I seriously wish I'd found Dr. Ken and Dr. Amy sooner!" - Paige S.

"After only a few sessions, I learned how to sleep properly which gave me IMMEDIATE relief from lower back pain when I woke up in the morning. " - Diana S.

"He was extremely patient with me and considered my skepticism to be a challenge. If I can be convinced, anyone can be convinced. He convinced me." - Tina A.

"His attitude, speech, and his comprehension is just amazing. I owe it all to Dr. Ken, Dr Amy and Judy too, for believing in what they do in the way of doctoring." - Penny S.

"His method of treatment proved me wrong! His non-evasive adjustments not only have helped my range of motion, but have also eliminated my pain." - Robert F.

"Dr. Ken helped me so I could keep dancing....I can now stretch and bend much better. To dance well, I must be flexible. I am doing better every day." - Kelly W.

"Then after a few adjustments my legs stopped hurting. I started to swim faster and without pain. A couple of months later, I qualified to swim..." - Libby S.

"Then I went to see Dr. Ken and Dr. Amy. I felt much better, was swimming much better and my back didn't hurt at all." - Lauren K.

"Dr. Ken is the only doctor that has been able to determine specifically what my problem is, the only doctor who really genuinely cared to try and help me..." - Danah M.

"I started to feel much better after 2 or 3 visits and every time I come here, after my treatments, I feel much better. I feel like I can do almost everything..." - Nina T.

"After only a few visits I was a new person. My back pain is gone and more important my blood pressure is normal." - Ella F.

"Dr. Ken has also helped me greatly with the neuropathy in my legs and feet." - Julia A.

"Within one week of his treatment my hot flashes disappeared. I now feel myself again." - Deborah D.

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Individual results may vary based on their specific case & needs.