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Our doctors are committed to provide their patients with a combination of compassionate and personalized care.

Dr. Ken “Denmark” Horup is a dedicated chiropractor. He has chosen this field because of his belief in the philosophy of improving and enhancing a patient’s physical and mental health through specific spinal adjustments. He has selected the DSC method of treatment of non-forceful adjustments because of the years of quality results through studies, research, practice and his sensitivity to patients.

Dr. Ken is a graduate of Life University, with undergraduate studies in Denmark. He is certified in Upper Cervical and Toggle Recoil Specific care as well as Palmer certified.

Dr. Ken is also the co-founder of the Life Upper Cervical Specific Club at Life University and the recipient of the 1995 Kale Leadership Award.

Dr. Ken was invited by the Chief of Staff of Kiesnev Hospital, Russia, to participate in a selected group of chiropractors treating over 60,000 patients. It was here that Dr. Ken treated patients with a broad spectrum of illnesses that included paraplegia, hydrocephaly, Parkinson’s, deafness and headaches. These patients ranged in age from infancy to old age and encompassed all levels of fitness. This experience is unparalleled in the Low Country.

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Dr. Bruce Johnson is a veteran of many years of proficient chiropractic service. He has assisted hundreds of athletes and non-athletes to achieve their bodies’ higher potential through specific individualized treatment programs.

Dr. Bruce retired as a Major from the Air Force Reserve and then went back to school to start a second career in chiropractic medicine.

Dr. Bruce is a graduate from Life University and received his undergraduate degree for the University of Kentucky. He is a past adjunct faculty member of the University of Bridgeport, Department of Chiropractic Continuing Education.