About six years ago, I developed debilitating fatigue in my legs. I could not walk without fatigue running up the back of my legs and severe pressure just above the knees. Thus started my endless road of seeking one doctor after another in a desperate effort to find out what my condition was, and anticipating remedy to my problem eventually.

Initially, I went to an orthopedic surgeon who could not give me a diagnosis I later tried four other orthopedic doctors, a neurologist, a general chiropractor and a rheumatologist. During the course of seeing these doctors I had numerous x-rays and blood tests.

After my initial evaluation with Dr. Ken, he explained my problem in detail, specifically my lower spine is curved and my upper spine in the neck area is not curved. Additionally, my disks in these areas have compressed. Had Dr. Ken not been a “specific chiropractor” my condition would not have been discovered.

Dr. Ken has been treating my condition for eight weeks, and I have begun to notice significant Improvement in my legs, both lower and upper. When I began treatment I experienced numbness for approximately four Inches just above the ankles. When I touched that area it felt like rubber This is because I had surgery on my lower legs five years ago and the nerves were severed.
Conventional medicine believes that resuming feeling where nerves have been severed is impossible, but specific chiropractic believes that nerves can regenerate and this is what I have experienced. Before I developed my leg problems I use to walk fast everywhere. That is because I am probably a type double A personality! I had to do everything fast. My daughter would tell me to slow down because she could not keep up with me. Just the other day she told me to slow down I realized that my fast walking ability had been restored. It was a good feeling. My energy level is high and consistent. Before starting my treatment plan, my energy level was high but inconsistent. Occasionally I, would experience fatigue and for seemingly no reason. As for the fatigue in my legs, I have noticed that my endurance time is now longer before the discomfort sets in and the intensity is not as severe.

Dr. Ken is the only doctor that has been able to determine specifically what my problem is, the only doctor who really genuinely cared to try and help me, and get to the root of the problem, and the only doctor who has made a significant difference in my walking ability.

I am confident that as I continue treatment, I will continue to realize improvement, and I consider it a priority in my life to continue this treatment. I cannot tell you how thankful I am that I found Dr Ken.