I would like to share with you what Discover Specific Chiropractic has meant to me over the past 2 months. For three years I have been having neck and back pain which were only getting worse. I had gone to doctors, other Chiropractors, and Physical Therapists, but my problems only got worse. I was scared! Being only 38 years old, I knew this wasn’t right. Everyone said “You’re too young to have these problems”. Finally, I heard of Discover Specific Chiropractic and made an appointment. Dr. Ken took the time to explain the cause of my pain and what we were going to do to fix it. Since then, I have experienced much improvement. I can work free of pain, enjoy golf much more, and I feel my age again. The treatments are pain free and the staff is always genuinely concerned with my progress.

I would highly recommend Discover Specific Chiropractic to everyone not satisfied with the quality of their life.