Dear Dr. Ken,

When I first came to see Dr. Ken I had been suffering lower back pain for about thirty years. Over these years other problems would appear, such as knee pain (swelling had to be drained), right shoulder pain (could not use arm), and most recently hip pain. The back pain was always there, while these other problems could last a year or so and then would be replaced by another problem.

Over the years I have been treated for arthritis, evaluated by the head of orthopedic surgery at the Medical College of Virginia (nothing found), have been put on various drugs such as naprosin, celebrex, etc. I also saw a chiropractor, which gave me some relief, but did not resolve the condition.

Finally, about two years ago, my doctor sent me to the sleep clinic for evaluation. He thought proper sleep would go a long way in solving my problems. I was evaluated as having a severe case of sleep apnea. Surgery was recommended, which I had (UPPP which involves enlarging the sinuses, removal of the uvula and trimming the soft pallet). I must say that I have felt much better than before. I was tired all day and mentally felt very dull. However, it did not resolve the back problems.

Last year, I moved to Hilton Head Island. A school counselor and friend of my wife told me about the good results she was having with “Specific Chiropractic”. The school medical plan covers chiropractic medicine, so I made an appointment with Dr. Ken.

After my first meeting with Dr. Ken Horup I knew he was serious about helping me resolve my long-standing problems. Doctor Ken evaluated me and developed a program for my specific problems. Amazing as it may seem, when I left the office after the first adjustment I was totally pain free. With each visit Dr. Ken Horup and the staff have shown true concern for me and my health concerns.

I realize, of course, that gradually the pain could return and that staying with the program is necessary to ensure that the pain will ultimately totally go away. In a little over one month the following results are noted:

1. Lower back pain (also left hip and leg pain) is gone. I only have occasional back pain due to self-induced carelessness. (amazing!!)

2. Not mentioned before, but Doctor Ken noticed  on my first visit that I had excessive calluses between my forefinger and thumb on both hands. Actually, to me it looked like this area was dying. Now this area is back to its normal elasticity and smoothness. (amazing!!)

3. Also, not specifically discussed, was a problem I had had since the UPPP surgery (a year and a half ago). I have had drainage from my sinuses. The surgeon said it was a result of the surgery, as sometimes the sensors in the sinuses can be damaged or sensitized. Nasonex and Atrovent were prescribed, to no avail. For a year and a half I have had to clear my nose eight to ten times a day, plus I have had constant drainage into my throat. After a year and a half, I was still clearing my nose at least four times a day and the drainage had not changed. After beginning my treatments with Dr. Ken I have not cleared my nose in three weeks and the drainage has stopped. (amazing!!)

In conclusion, I am still early in my program but I can truthfully say that after thirty years I feel I have finally found a resolution to my pain. As Doctor Ken told me, “If I cannot help you, I will recommend you to the proper medical specialist who can.” I don’t think I will ever need that recommendation.