Dear Future “Specific” Patients,

I would like to share that I have both great respect and appreciation for Dr. Ken. They give me wonderful care and they both are kind and caring to work with. They are good listeners, too, which is critical in a doctor-patient relationship.

At the beginning of my treatment, Dr. Ken went over my x-rays very thoroughly with me and explained and pinpointed my problems. I actually understood what he was telling me and could easily see the structural problems. I was impressed that he was able to describe some of my resulting symptoms better than I could.

I have been a chiropractic patient intermittently almost all my life. And my family always believed chiropractic care was important. I grew up keeping maintenance care appointments.

Now that I am older, I have a special appreciation for the “Specific” methods they use in this office. These methods are unique, quite unlike other methods used by other chiropractic doctors I knew. I find this method to be a much to be a much gentler and more effective approach in my case. I have never received a treatment in which I have been twisted in my neck or lower back. I have never left the office having more pain than when I came in or my condition more “aggravated” than before I came.

With Dr. Ken’s technology, he can get an accurate view of the correction he needs to make at each appointment I have. This helps keep him from under correcting or overcorrecting me. He always keeps in mind the overview of my original condition and the focal goal we are working toward.

I have felt so much better since I’ve been coming here. My neck has always been my main challenge and now I notice I have much improved posture and fewer headaches. I am definitely responding well to this treatment and have also seen improvements in my overall health. Thank you Dr. Ken!