Thank you Dr. Ken Horup and Dr. Bruce Johnson:

Before coming to Specific Chiropractic I had been in pain for months. I had extreme pain any time I tried to move my right arm, any higher than my waist and was virtually unable to reach for anything. The slightest movement would send an electrical shock from the shoulder all the way down to my finger tips and back again. This shock could be triggered by something as simple as taking an old rosebud off the stem. I could not sleep at night because of the pain and therefore my quality of life was really non existent.

I had been to see an orthopedic doctor who gave me the option of (my words) planing off the underneath part of my shoulder blade in order for the nerve that was being pinched to have more room to move and therefore not be pinched. Well, I am a person who does not like needles or surgeries so I walked into Specific Chiropractic hoping something could be done for me because I was not going to have an operation and was justifying the fact that I would have to live with the pain.

Both Dr. Ken and Dr. Bruce started assessing my case. I was assured that they could help me and they did. I followed their directions and went for adjustments for the next few months. My arm functions perfectly normally with no pain I couldn’t be happier. I believe my treatment without surgery proved to be the best care for me. I didn’t have to wait on recuperation after a surgery and I didn’t have to pay the astronomical medical bills I would have incurred had I elected surgery.

I know each case is different and I know in my case I’m so happy I chose Specific Chiropractic for my non surgical care.