A Dancer’s Thoughts

I am Kelly, I am thirteen, and I love to DANCE. In August of 1999 I found out I had scoliosis. This is a condition also known as curvature of the spine. After seeing an orthopedic surgeon, I was fitted for a back brace. I wore the brace for a year and a half. It was very confining and I felt very uncomfortable. I was unable to dance as before. Stretching was very restricted and sometimes impossible when I had the brace on. I had to wear it twenty-three hours a day, even when I danced.

At one of my appointments I was told of the probability of facing back surgery. I didn’t like that idea. The brace hindered my ability to dance and surgery would have prevented me from doing what I love most. My brother had been going to a Chiropractor for a car accident he was in. He wanted me to talk to Dr. Ken Horup.

After meeting Ms. Shelly with her great smile, I was introduced to Dr. Ken. Within just a short time we began to see improvement. I was adjusted twice a week and had exercises to do at home. When another medical problem occurred from the brace, my parents and I decided it was time to stop wearing it altogether.

Dr. Ken helped me so I could keep dancing. Although the exercises take a long time to do, it’s better than wearing a brace and much better than having an operation. The exercises have helped my back get stronger and straighter. I can now stretch and bend much better. To dance well, I must be flexible. I am doing better every day.

At The Savannah Dance Center’s Spring Concert I received a reward for my efforts and for Dr. Ken’s. I was presented with a beautiful medal never given before. The award was for The Most Spirited and The Most Improved Dancer. Thanks Dr. Ken, Shelly, and all the staff at Discover Specific Chiropractics.