Dear Dr. Ken:

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the genuine concern you and your associates have shown me and the quality and comprehensiveness of the care your practice provides.

I suppose I found my way to your practice like many of your other patients. After expressing to a friend of mine my dissatisfaction with other chiropractic practitioners here on the island that seem to represent themselves as the one and only answer to good health she referred me to you. In the past I have only sought the care of chiropractors for what seemed to me to be a short term problem acute in nature.

Your approach was different. It was more comprehensive in that it addressed not only the acute problems I had on my initial visit, but it embraced the concept of total wellness. You suggested a course of regular visits with decreasing frequency as my condition improved, you outlined for me a diet and exercise program, and you didn’t represent chiropractic as the only solution for maintaining good health and you encouraged me to seek treatment from my medical doctor when appropriate. Your approach was refreshingly humble and seemed logical.

I am happy to say that after following your treatment regimen and implementing your suggested diet and exercise program I think I am feeling better, stronger and more energetic than I have in many years. My weight is down, my blood pressure is well managed now without medication, and I am enjoying a quality of life I haven’t experienced in many years.

Simply stated, I think I am living proof of the value and benefits of implementing and staying with you care and wellness program. To those that may be skeptical or uncommitted I say, you won’t believe how good you feel. Thanks Dr. Ken for the difference you have made in my health and well being.