Dear Dr. Ken,

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate the help you have given my little girl Emily. I am sure that you remember when Emily was only about 6 months old she started to have fluid in her ears and repeated ear infections. Every time I came in to be treated for back pain and migraines you would ask how Emily was feeling and I would typically report that the problem had not gotten any better. You explained to me that chiropractic might also help her. I must admit that even though I knew chiropractic had really helped with my back pain and migraines and with my husband’s carpel tunnel, I was very skeptical and a little scared to let you treat Emily. After almost 6 months of treating Emily’s ear problems with antibiotics and other medicines, I decided to bring Emily in to see you when she was 11 months old. The first time you treated her I did not how what to expect from Emily. You were so loving and gentle with her that she has never been scared with you. The treatment has never been painful for Emily or caused her to shed a tear (unlike frequent visit to her pediatrician and force fed medications). You really have a way with kids!

The fist time you saw her was April 2001. After a couple of weeks seeing you, Emily had a check up with her pediatrician and for the first time in so many months she had no fluid in her ears and no ear infection! I must say the first few months I kept thinking that this was just a coincidence and I told myself if she stayed ear problem free for 6 months I would credit it to you! That was almost 10 months ago and our little Emily has never had any more ear problems at all! Emily has well exceeded the time frame for which I had allotted as proof that chiropractic cured her ear infections! Thank you so much for not only improving my migraine headaches and back pain and my husband’s carpal tunnel, but mostly for eliminating Emily’s constant ear problems!