It’s a pleasure to write this.

For years I’ve been inclined to avoid any kind of medical treatment that isn’t life threatening believing that I can handle it, and/or allowing it time to go away.

Last April I had a fall that landed me on my backside. By July I knew the pain wasn’t going away and I couldn’t handle it. The most bothersome part was the restriction of movement and pain in my back leg that kept me from playing tennis. Certainly not life threatening  and yes, I could live with it, but after talking with several people in Sun City I decided that wasn’t the way to go, and the appointment was made with Discover Specific Chiropractic.

Five months later the pain is gone and the mobility in my legs is back. That’s one part of the good news, the part I thought would very likely happen if I stayed in treatment long enough to see the results. Another part I didn’t expect could happen was of far more significance than being free of pain in my back, for within a few weeks of starting treatment the migraines I’ve had for over fifteen years with such regularity that Tylenol and Imitrex were my constant companions, were not happening!! It’s been several months now since treatments began and I haven’t needed any medications for headaches. I’m still in some level of disbelief that it’s happening.

If Dr. Ken had told me this was a certainty when treatment began, I would not have believed them. I would have thought they were claiming more than they could do. For years my doctors have told me there’s no cure for migraines and that the cause is unknown. The best that could be done was to relieve the pain, which they did very well with Imitrex, an expensive but effective medication I had resigned to living with this condition, glad to have something to ward off a severe migraine.

Honestly, since having migraines has been a way of life for me for so many years, there’s this nagging thought that perhaps one of these days I’ll wake up to the grandfather of all migraines… that something connected to the spine, through treatment, is just temporarily giving relief. But because in fifteen years this has been the only treatment that has given lasting relief, my optimism and hopes are enough that I recognize the nagging thoughts that still linger as a “too good to be true” conditioning.

To say I’m an advocate of chiropractic treatment can’t be said strongly enough. Initially I saw a Chiropractor for a relatively minor discomfort and it resulted in the most effective treatment for migraines without chemicals, I’ve ever had. That says it all, except for a big “thank you.”