My name is Paige S. and I had a brain tumor last year. After surgery, drugs, radiation treatments and more drugs I felt awful! Physically, I was falling apart and in constant agony. Mentally, I definitely was much better off. I saw a regular chiropractor on and off for almost a year before my tumor. He was your typical twist, push and pull kind of guy and I suffered more because of it. I started seeing Dr. Ken when my pain became unbearable and my motion was almost impossible. Since then, I noticed my medicines were actually making me feel worse than I really was. I figured if my adjustments were making the chemicals flow the way they were supposed to, then the medicines were going places they couldn’t go before and that was making me feel bad. I talked to all my doctors and suggested cutting all my medications in half. They all agreed and now I feel so much better off. I still have bad days, but nothing like it used to be. I seriously wish I’d found Dr. Ken sooner!