Dear Dr. Ken,

I’ve thought about writing this letter ever since the first visit with you. I did not know what to expect when I walked into a chiropractor’s office and you were the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. I need to thank my sister too for telling me to keep the appointment (which I almost cancelled three times).

For the past 15-20 years I have gradually declined in my activity level. I attributed this to age, weight and arthritis. I figured that if I just exercised more, ate less, and took some medication eventually all would be well and I could do some of the things that I have given up…tennis, walking, hiking, dancing, gardening… Well, I would rally some but always feel worse and literally bent out of shape every time I did one of my favorite activities. Every time I went out and exercised hard, I would get hurt. Then I would need a recovery period and hesitantly try to participate in life again. Feeling very discouraged I adopted the mantra, “I can do only one thing.” Depending on how strenuous that one thing was, I would need a recovery period, sometimes a day, sometimes a week, sometimes longer before I would try it or anything again. As I was getting older, heavier and stiffer, I began to think that there was no hope.

That first day in your office, when you tested my legs and said that I didn’t have use of them, they were not working, was the first time somebody knew what I knew…they weren’t working. I cried because no one else close to me understood how hard it was for me to do the things I do. No one but my sister ever told me I walked funny, and I had better keep that appointment!

I am so thankful that I met you! After explaining about what you do and looking at my x-rays, you treated me. I hesitated on writing this letter because I wanted to see if I was going to continually feel better or would it be short lived. I can honestly say, I am amazed at the difference I feel and continue to feel. I walk straighter. It doesn’t hurt to stand up straight. I believe I am using my whole foot when walking. My legs don’t feel like wooden legs. I actually played tennis and squatted down to pick up the ball! I can work all day at the office, go square dancing and still have energy left to go for a bike ride! You are a blessing. And I’ll tell anyone who will listen about you and your profession. Thank you, Dr. Ken.