Dear Dr. Ken,

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! That is three big thank you’s. One from each of us for how much you have improved out health and made us feel. When Meg and I first moved to Sun City from Tampa last May, we never anticipated finding the fountain of youth on Hilton Head Island in the guise of Dr. Ken Horup.

You took this tired, old back and worn out legs and rejuvenated them.  I returned from having a constant backache and cramped legs to the ache free existence I enjoyed during my youth. I haven’t felt this good in many, many years.

Even more amazing was the magic you worked on Meg’s neck and back, problems plus her misdiagnosed peripheral neuropathy. Multiple orthopedic, neurological and other so so-called, “specialists,” had diagnosed the lack of feeling in her lower left leg and foot as peripheral neuropathy. She had been told there was no cure and that it would progressively get worse. After one set of x-rays, you were able to correctly diagnose it as a congenital spinal problem. Within about eight months of treatment by you, the feeling had returned both in her leg and foot. In fact, her foot which was unable to feel pinpricks went to being as ticklish once again as a child’s. Needless to say, Meg’s back and neck problems have also been relieved under your care.

Three thank you’s were offered at the beginning of this note. The final one is from Meg’s son Phil, who suffered a back injury about eight years ago which was subsequently worsened in an automobile accident about a year ago. Since the accident, Phil had been unable to get relief from neck and back pain in spite of treatments by various health care professionals including many other chiropractors. While visiting us from Cincinnati over the Christmas holidays, he agreed to have you examine him to see if you would be able to help him. Once again, you performed one of your miracles. Several adjustments by you while he was here and Phil’s pain was greatly reduced. You were also kind enough to send him back with your regimen of adjustment for his current chiropractor. Unfortunately, even after a telephone conversation with you, that practitioner was unable to provide the same relief. So, Phil came back down from Cincinnati in January to have you work your magic again. Same result, a significant reduction of pain. Back to Cincinnati to try still another chiropractor. Again, the treatment brought back the increased pain level. So, Phil is here again and in the process of having you work your magic for him. Best of all, Phil has decided to return every three weeks so we get to enjoy his company while you bring him renewed good health through your magic hands. I guess Phil now holds the commuting distance record for one of your patients.

Your magic hands are only part of the cure. Much of it comes from your wonderful smile and concern for each patient. We are fortunate to have found you. Thanks again.