At our son’s ninth month check-up, our pediatrician was seriously concerned that Preston was unable to sit up without assistance. He thought it could be a form of cerebral palsy or cerebral hypotonia (low muscle tone). At his suggestion, I made an appointment for Preston at the developmental clinic in Charleston for testing.

About 10 days prior to going to Charleston, I let Dr. Ken my chiropractor, take a look at Preston. He gently ran his fingers down Preston’s spine and then checked his hip joints. Dr. Ken discovered the right hip joint to be fixed, or locked in place. This was preventing Preston from sitting, because he would slump to avoid the pain. The doctor gently adjusted Preston, without cracking or twisting the spine. Preston never even flinched. Dr. Ken suggested that Preston could sit the next day or within two weeks based on muscle strength in that area.

The next day Preston rolled on his tummy and held his head higher than ever before. He hated this position before, and was now doing it on his own free will. Two weeks to the day we had him adjusted, the church nursery staff reported that Preston sat for 10 minutes during the service. We rushed home and sat Preston on the carpet. Sure enough, he sat there comfortably for half an hour.

I know that my son is normal and healthy today because Dr. Ken released that locked hip. Preston is now going to physical therapy to catch up to his age group, and there is no sign of cerebral palsy. We visit Dr. Ken once a week, but Preston only gets adjusted when he needs it.