Dear Dr. Ken,

Before I started going to you for treatment, I suffered from various things. I did not sleep well because of displaced vertebrae. My arms, hands and shoulders would get numb and tingle. My lower back and legs were not strong. I work at a job where I stand and my neck is always being strained. I would become fatigued easily. I also suffer from carpal tunnel in my hands and wrist. These ailments are all related to occupational hazards. I have gone to various doctors for help, and it was always therapy to control discomfort but never to fix the problem. I even went for an epidermal steroid block which only masks the problem for four months. Then I was told about you. Yes, I was skeptical, I thought right another chiropractor who thinks he is great. But, I was wrong, you are great. I have been going to you since December and this is now February 23. I am amazed at the fact I no longer am dead tired at the end of a work day. I sleep well, my hands no longer hurt. I can do my work easily. You have given me a choice of relieving the discomfort or correcting it for good. I chose to correct it, which will be about 8 months of your particular treatment. I am so relieved about the fact I no longer have to have surgery to correct my carpal tunnel, which it does come back again in time. If I were writing this letter in November of last year it would have taken me two days because my hand would me cramping. Now it took me 20 minutes. Thank you Dr. Ken!