I must admit that I am the biggest skeptic you may ever meet. Dr. Ken spent well over an hour answering my interrogative questions regarding chiropractic services. He was extremely patient with me and considered my skepticism to be a challenge. If I can be convinced, anyone can be convinced. He convinced me.

I first came to Dr. Ken because I was beginning to have some symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, which is very predominant in my family. I have a “stress point” in my left shoulder blade area which has caused severe pain occasionally through out the past ten years. I have been to physical therapists and massage therapists who have alleviated the pain temporarily, but it always returned. Within the past year, the pain has shot down my left arm and into my left hand. I have occasional numbness in the arm and hand, and a slight tremor in the left thumb and fore finger. The numbness and tremor became more frequent (and are symptoms of Parkinson’s). I was experiencing the symptoms about once a month, then about once a week, and, recently, about every other day. All symptoms and pains have now practically subsided, after Dr. Ken’s adjustments. I have experienced numbness only twice since I started seeing Dr. Ken about 7 weeks ago. The tremor has only returned once, and as soon as I was adjusted, it subsided.
I visited the neurologist this week and he confirmed that I do not have Parkinson’s. He stated that the symptoms I have been experiencing are probably due to the “stress point” in my shoulder and his recommendation was that I continue seeing Dr. Ken for treatments (as well as proper exercise, diet, and adding a multi-vitamin to my daily regimen).

Thank you, Dr. Ken